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canada-USA-flagMove your inventory faster! AMERXPORT offer you a good solution to increase your sales of new and used vehicles

The export of Canadian vehicle to the United States is becoming more popular. The strength of the US dollar combined with the lack of inventory for some type of vehicle in the United States create an interesting secondary market opportunities for Canadian vehicles.

The performance of the department of used vehicles is becoming more important in the ecosystem of dealers. Give your customers the right price for a used vehicle often makes the difference in the transaction of a new vehicle. To do this, AmerXport helps you to get the best price on the North American market for your used vehicles.

We offer to represent you to the major American auctions and our U.S. car dealers’ network in order to increase the visibility of your inventory. We offer a turnkey service to make your life easier. In addition, our assessment of the results of the various auction, our Automotive IQ system helps us determine where we will get the best MMR for your vehicles.

  • Export document
  • Transport to the target market
  • International representation of expertise
  • Expertize of North American auctions
  • We are able to establish which program best suits your needs, click here to contact us

The AUTO IQ program from AMERXPORT uses an exclusive algorithm system that focuses on searching the best win-win opportunities by vehicle types and by region in Canada and USA.

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  • AMERXPORT customer service is exceptional and their advisers assisted me through each step of the program. AMERXPORT helped me save time and money. I highly recommend AMERXPORT to anyone who needs to increase their bottom lines.Neil Willard, Hudson – Ford Willard
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