Import car from Brazil in Canada or in France

Import cars and vehicles from Brazil


Without a reliable and well-established local network, it may be difficult to import cars from Brazil and South America. For several years, Amerxport has established links with reliable partners. Whether importing a specialized vehicle, collection car, sports car or any other type of vehicle, Amerxport is your import-export specialist to assist you.

Our expertise allows you to get a hassle free transaction. In addition, our local partners can inspect the desired vehicle to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We have made many imports of motor vehicles from South America and Brazil. On the one hand, we can properly assess the costs and risks inherent in each transaction. On the other hand, we are familiar with local culture and import policies,

We offer a turnkey import service. We can import vehicles from Brazil and ship to Canada, the United States or Europe. Throughout the process, one of our specialists will take care to give you a constant follow-up on the progress of your import.

Our team understands the needs and concerns of importing goods from another country. We strive to make your transaction quick and easy so that you can take advantage of your new acquisition as soon as possible.

Trust a team of real import specialists today!

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