Import-export a car in Canada

Import a car in Canada from the United States, Europe or Brazil


For several years, Amerxport has specialized in importing and exporting vehicles in Canada. Many collectors, dealers and enthusiasts of imported vehicles use our services. We offer a complete service for the administrative, technical and logistical formalities related to the importation of the vehicle of your choice.

If you have found a vehicle on eBay or any other auto sales platform abroad, we can take care of importing your car with a turnkey package.

We are familiar with the rules and the vehicles for Canadian regulations. We will be able to save you a lot of trouble and speed up access to your new car. Depending on the age, model or type of vehicle, restrictions may apply. All you have to do is take possession of your vehicle at our office and enjoy it.

Our services
  • Vehicle inspection as needed through our network
  • Obtaining registration for the vehicle in Quebec
  • Follow-up of the inspection required by the SAAQ
  • Track changes required for Canadian standards
  • Land or sea transport
  • International access to exclusive vehicles available for Canadian import
  • International representation
  • North American expertise in the auction market

Trust a team of real import specialists today!

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