Import car from USA in Canada or France

Import a car from the United States to Canada or France


Importing cars from the United States is very popular. Since Americans are major auto consumers, there is an extensive inventory of used cars.

Whether you are looking for a collector’s vehicle, a sports car or a pure American ‘muscle car’, we can import it for you.

Our team of automotive enthusiasts will understand your needs and assist you throughout the process of importing the desired vehicle.


Our services
  • Vehicle inspection as required through our network
  • Obtaining vehicle registration and registration in Quebec
  • Follow-up of the inspection required by the SAAQ
  • Track changes required for Canadian standards
  • Land or sea transport
  • International access to exclusive vehicles available for import
  • Recovery of US or Canadian sales taxes on the vehicle to be imported into France
  • US ground transportation (from the dealer to the port) and French (from the port to your home)
  • Shipping, marine insurance and vehicle stowage in the transport container
  • Canadian, American and French freight forwarding service to complete all the administrative procedures related to the importation of the vehicle
  • International representation
  • North American expertise in the auction market

Trust a team of real import specialists today!

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