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Import and export of boats and recreational vehicles

Amexport offers a specialized service for the import and export of all types of vehicles. If you have been dreaming of a recreational vehicle for a long time and have found it abroad, we will be pleased to assist you in your transaction.

Our extensive international network of partners ensures a hassle-free, turnkey process. We will be able to inform you of the various regulations and restrictions in force in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Depending on the model of boat or recreational vehicle, it may be favorable to buy or sell it in the US market. The vast inventory available in the United States allows in many cases access to the vehicle of your choice while the sale of a Canadian vehicle in foreign currency can be extremely profitable.

Go from dream to reality with the Amerxport team!

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  • AMERXPORT customer service is exceptional and their advisers assisted me through each step of the program. AMERXPORT helped me save time and money. I highly recommend AMERXPORT to anyone who needs to increase their bottom lines.Neil Willard, Hudson – Ford Willard
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