Importing or Exporting from AMERXPORT

6-panamera-21AMERXPORT offers professional and experienced shipping services to almost any destination and includes the best car shipping customer service and competitive prices.

Importing or exporting a vehicle becomes simple and seamless with the use of our vehicle clearance services and shipping services. If you are importing from the USA, we offer a complete customs clearance package and freight forwarding service to meet your specific needs. Once you’ve purchased your vehicle, we will handle the entire process from picking up the vehicle, transporting to the border, making the customs clearance, and final delivery to your door.


AMERXPORT is a Canadian import and export specialist located in Quebec, specializing in the export of pre-owned tax free motor vehicles worldwide. Including USA, Canada and Europe, our customer base consists of automobile brokers and car dealers. AMERXPORT created the AUTO IQ tracker, a complex system that determines the best win-win opportunities by vehicle types and by region. Focused on the Canadian and American market, AUTO IQ creates mutually winning trades and uses a complex algorithm data base system that allows us to offer to USA buyers the best Canadian quality vehicles available for their market and at the lowest price possible. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we understand the importance of keeping the market for vehicle sales to where it must be for every region! AMERXPORT, the true import export specialist! With several hundreds of vehicles exported along with a perfected exportation process, AMERXPORT is the ultimate solution to accelerate your car sales profits.

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